Saturday, August 11, 2012

2012/2013 Class Photos

I have pretty much moved everything to our new classroom and it is starting to feel like home.  Here are some pictures of the new room so far....but I am still making changes!
This is our CAFE Board. I left up the strategies that we covered last year since I am looping. We will review and continue to add more! I have found that it is best to have the students create the strategy cards because it gives them ownership which causes them to refer to the board more than they would if I had made them myself!

I have collected so much stuff after 21 years of teaching, so I cover my tables with cloth and store all of my decorations in containers underneath!

Thanks to my wonderful and very organized mom, I found these photos and decided to display them in my classroom! The kids love to see how I looked at their age and they really got a kick out of my old second grade report card! Just in case you are wondering, it was pretty good! 
This is one of our cozy reading spots. I wish I had room for more spaces like this!  I also completed our rules/Bucket Filler board.  I love the Whole Brain rule posters that I found on Pinterest!  They are pretty much the same rules we have always had.  They were created by Ashley Nichols from

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