Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Blending My Classroom

This summer I have had the wonderful experience of participating in Pinnacle Training in my county. We have an awesome Technology Staff that has been there every step of the way to lead and encourage us during this journey! I am so excited about using iPads as an instructional tool in my classroom this year! Along with the iPads, there are so many more ways to integrate and blend technology into the school day. The problem is, I have been given so many amazing ideas that I am having a difficult time deciding what use! In addition to the iPads and the apps that I have chosen, I have decided to focus on four other tools to begin with. I have listed them below and included some ideas for how I plan to use them.

This is an adorable site that will allow students to create their own books or other project in any subject area. The possibilities are endless! It is also FREE!  Click on the link above to check it out!

I am super excited about using Edmodo this year! My students will be able to log in and respond to questions about what we are learning, complete assignments, and even take quizes that will be graded! This will be a fabulous way to blend technology into every part of our school day! If you haven't heard about Edmodo, it is worth taking the time to try it out!

Through the years I have used MovieMaker and Photo Story to create class movies.  This year we will be using iMovie on our iPads! Hooray!!!  In the past we have created class movies about field trips, reading strategies, plays, birthdays, and citizenship.  You can view some of the movies we've created on our Class Web Site.  

This is my blog of choice for my students.  I love it because it is child friendly and only myself, my students and their parents are able to see what we do.  I began using it last year by having students respond to questions about lessons and activities in our classroom.  This year I am planning to do the same and I am thinking about adding in some book talks.

Once the kids are back at school, and we settle into our daily routines, I will begin posting the projects they create! I can't wait to see how they respond to all of the new technology!

If you have other ideas for integrating technology or creating a blended classroom, please share!

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