Sunday, August 19, 2012

Classroom Photos

I worked every day last week in our classroom and I made progress, but I still have work to do!  Here are a few more photos. The room won't be complete until the desks are full of my awesome 2nd and 3rd graders! I am looking forward to seeing them at Orientation this Thursday!

This first photo is a view of the writing area, our cubbies, and part of our classroom library.  I use the top row of cubbies for storage so I made some curtains by hot gluing fabric and bulletin board border across the top. In the second photo, you can see our Activboard and my desk which is still a mess!
Both of these pics are of our classroom library. My students helped organize the books by genre last year after a genre study.  They also created the labels for the baskets.  This gives them ownership and they are very careful about putting the books back in the correct basket since they worked so hard to organize them! Since I am looping, I left the student made labels on the baskets. During the first week of school I am going to let them work on organizing our new books. I also had some fabric left, so I used it to add a little color to the bookshelf!

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