Monday, August 27, 2012

Our First Day!

We had a terrific day today! I am so proud of all of my students for their wonderful behavior! They all came right in and after all of the unpacking, they got to work!  I won't have to spend as much time on rules and procedures with a looping class.  Fifteen of the students were in my class last year and we have five new students joining us.

Our day was pretty busy! As we were wrapping up at the end of the day, most of the students agreed that "playing" with the iPads was their favorite part of the day!  We spent a little time today discussing rules and procedures for using the iPads and we created an Anchor Chart of our ideas to display as a reminder. Then, I put them in groups and they learned to take pictures with the iPad camera. I was pleased with how they shared and worked together to come up with very interesting photos!

Here is a photo of the Back to School Glyph that they made today. This was a cute idea that I found on Some of them aren't quite finished...the kids decided that they still need shoes!

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