Monday, October 1, 2012

Our Baby Quail Have Arrived!

This was an EGGciting day in our classroom! After twenty-two days of waiting patiently, the quail have finally arrived! Throughout the project, the students worked in groups to create digital journals using our iPads.  They observed the eggs and kept track of the embryo development each week and then decided what they wanted to include in their journal entries.  They used the video feature on the iPads and then iMovie to create their final project. I am so proud of them! I have posted the first one and you will find the links for the others below!

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  1. Leigh-
    Love your students' quail videos! They did such a great job! I especially liked seeing their close ups of the incubator and after the babies hatched. What a great learning experience-and great way to integrate the technology! I feel like I've been in your classroom. :)