Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February Fun!

We have been extremely busy in our 2/3 classroom this month! We started the month off with non-fiction writing in Writer's Workshop. WOW! We have some awesome writers in our class! They just completed their "All About" books after spending time researching a topic of interest. They published them using Microsoft Word and now they are working on creating a PowerPoint presentation to go along with it. We will post those as we finish!
In Shared Reading and Science we have been learning about the skeletal system. The students have been working in groups to create a project of their choosing to show what they have learned. All of the students did a fabulous job with their projects...take a look!

Our next  two groups decided to use Toontastic to show what they know.  Click on the link below to visit our Toontastc page.

The Skeletal System was created by Bradley, Brady and Chris.  Joshua, Garrett, Aidan, and Jawntae did a great job with Bones!

Our next two groups used iMovie for their skit  The first one is called Broken Bones.

 The Broken Arm!

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