Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our Third Grade Bucket Fillers are Popping With Ideas!

   What a great day! My students are settling into our daily routines and they have been working extremely hard! I am so proud! It is hard to believe it is just the 3rd day of school.  This week we are launching Reader's and Writer's Workshop and have already jumped right in to Math Investigations. If you ask them what they have enjoyed the most (other than lunch and recess) I am pretty certain they would say the iPad activities!! We started the very first day with a really cute QR Code "Get to Know You" activity. Many thanks to Tonya Dye (  for sharing that idea from Pinterest! They loved it so much that I decided to find a few more QR lessons to try out!
     Along with the QR Codes,  we have also had fun exploring several math apps to review addition and subtraction. The kiddos had a great time with these as well, but what really surprised me was how awesome their Bucket Filler Popplets turned out! This was their first time ever using this app and they did an outstanding job! After our Bucket Filler lesson, I had them create a bubble map on paper first. Their job was to tell how they can be Bucket Fillers this year. Once they finished, I introduced and modeled how to use the Popplet App. Take a look at their creations!

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