Thursday, August 1, 2013

We Are Pinnacle!

     I am so thankful that I was encouraged to apply to be a Pinnacle Leader a little over a year ago! We just completed our summer training last week, and I am looking forward to the Pinnacle Conference coming soon.  My students will be thrilled when they see all of the iPads we will be using in our classroom this year!     
     If you work for Gaston County Schools, I strongly encourage you to complete the application process to be a part of the Pinnacle Program if you aren't already! The technology is awesome, and so are the Tech Facilitators! They work hard to provide the encouragement and support we need to use the tools we are given to integrate technology throughout the day in a meaningful way.  As 21st Century Educators we strive to create a learner centered environment with lessons that provide opportunities for collaboration, exploration and sharing.
     Take a look at the iMovie our group created to find out more about what a Pinnacle leader is.

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