Tuesday, November 26, 2013

We LOVE to Read!

We just finished The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo during our read aloud time. Wow! What a great book! This will definitely be added to our list of favorites. Here are a few thoughts from my students along with the Popplets they created about the book...

When I asked Kasey about his favorite part of the book, he replied,
"That is just too hard to answer because there are too many good parts."

Jersey said, "I was both sad and shocked because Rob finally let all of his feelings out and also because his dad had to shoot the tiger to save him."

When Rob's dad killed the tiger I was kind of sad, but I was glad that Rob and Sistine became friends. It's one of my favorite books.

by Seth

I think Rob and Sistine were meant to let the tiger go and they were meant to be friends because the tiger brought them together. They both helped each other get through their sadness.
by Alley

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