Monday, April 28, 2014

Powerful Thoughts in Tiny Packages

Lucy Calkins thought of a perfect way to describe poetry and that is what we have been up to this week in Writer's Workshop. My class last year loved this genre and it looks like this year's group is on the same track. We began the week learning to look at the world through poet's eyes. We tried to see objects around our classroom and school in fresh, different, and unusual ways. Students had their writer's notebook on hand to jot down thoughts and ideas that came to mind as they made their discoveries. During our next lessons we began putting those thoughts and ideas into a poem using line breaks to make the poems have a musical sound. We also found that line breaks guide our readers and help them know how to read the poem.

It just so happens that ReadWriteThink has a great app to get students started with poetry. It's  called Theme Poems. It guides the user step by step through writing their own poem about one of the topics provided. Then, when their poem is complete,  it can be saved and printed as a pdf.

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The kids had some creative ideas and their poems are great! Take a look at the ones below. There will be more soon!

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