Sunday, August 16, 2015

Welcome Back Third Graders!

I am looking forward to my 24th First Day of School! After all of these years I still get almost as nervous and excited as I did on that very first day. I am definitely more prepared since I never stop thinking, planning and learning about how to do my very best for all of my students.

Technology has always been an important part of my lessons. I remember the excitement of getting my first Averkey back in the late 90's. I was finally able to project my cute little animated PowerPoint presentations onto my TV screen! A few years later I was one of the lucky teachers that got a projector. I had wires and cords from one side of my room to the other, but that didn't matter to me! My students could now see all of the lessons that I created with Kidspiration, Inspiration, PowerPoint and resources from the Internet on the huge screen at the front of our room!

Times sure have changed! Now all of the classrooms in our county have interactive whiteboards and most have access to iPads and Chromebooks! All of this wonderful technology is great, but what makes it even better is the way it is used. I strive to have a classroom where technology flows seamlessly as a normal part of our day, so my goal is to plan lessons that allow students to create, collaborate and share their knowledge with the help of technology. This gives them ownership of their learning and puts the focus on them instead of me. Instead standing in front of the classroom providing them with information all day, I am a facilitator that is there to guide them and offer support and encouragement when needed. My goal is to engage students in learning and provide effective instruction with the help of technology. Of course, we will also have tons of fun!

I am looking forward to meeting my students and their families at Orientation this week! Our classroom is ready and waiting for a terrific year!
Here are a few photos of one of the reading areas and our math and writing focus walls.

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